Dr. Luc Peters (Heerlen, 1963) is a philosopher, writer and musician. He studied philosophy, organization & marketing. His PhD is called Cliché & Organization, thinking with Deleuze & Film. The book is published in the Netherlands by Uitgeverij IJzer and was nominated for book of the year 2015 by OOA. An international version is published in February 2016  by Cambridge Scholar. Together with the Canadian professor Anthony R Yue he has written a book on organization and mirrors, called: In the Mirror, that will be released in 2017 via Cambridge Scholars Publishers.  He has also written a book called (dis)CONNECTION. These books look at organization in a critical way. With the help of philosophy, film, architecture and other art-forms organization is investigated.  Both books are now under review.

He is fascinated by the problem of organization being caught in clichés and thus making thinking obsolete. He has been a manager for more than 20 years, working for various profit and not-for-profit organizations. He likes to combine work with study, being constantly intrigued by whatever happens around him and trying to theorize this further. He is a regular at various conferences like EGOS or SCOS. From a young age on, he has been a rock- drummer. He has played in various bands (Wicked Wonderland, SCUMBAG!), made records and all the things connected to the music-life. Besides music, he is interested in film, architecture, photography, painting and anything that reveals the world in ways which are new to us. He works as a manager, teaches at a business school, is a guest-lecturer and a musician. In februari 2016 he will co-organize the film-festival CORPORATE BODIES in The Hague (NL). Between his travels and adventures he lives and works in the Netherlands.

Frank Lloyd Wright – NOMAD

This is the title of a book on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. It connects philosophical concepts like nomadology, rhizome or smooth space to the desert dwelling Taliesin West in Scottsdale (AZ). The book investigates architectural question on moving, hiding and time. It is a poetic combination of text and images. The images have been shot by Dutch artist Huubke Rademakers. The images refer to the 1911 Wasmuth photobook by Frank Lloyd Wright. The book presents a new and strongly  needed perspective on architecture and nomadology. The book is now under review.

Book Proposal Frank Lloyd Wright – NOMAD

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